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Commercial Lines Bulletin

Adding or Changing a Mortgage Company

junio 29, 2015 - IE #023-15

To streamline the process to add or change a mortgage company for a policy in PolicyCenter®, Citizens is removing duplicate mortgage company options listed in the system. This will create process changes for agents and generate new Declarations pages for policyholders. This process will take several months. 

Existing Policies Updates

If a policy’s mortgage company information is changed:

  • An Amended Declarations page will be mailed to the policyholder. 
  • The changed information will appear in the Alt Billing Account field on the Billing screen:

Figure 1: Alt Billing Account field 

  • The following note will be added to the policy in PolicyCenter:

Subject: Mortgagee Bill Payor Correction
Text: Mortgagee Bill Payor has been updated/corrected, which displays on the policy Billing screen. The “Alt Billing Account” number changed from: <Account number, Account name> to: <Account number, Account name>. (DE8023)

Note: Citizens will not change cancelled policies.

New Process: Locating the Correct Mortgage Company

Agents should add the correct mortgage company to applications and during policy changes. Agents can find a list of mortgage companies and their corresponding Address Book ID value (e.g., ab:9999) in Knowledge Base Answer ID 2796. This list will be updated continuously, so check back often to obtain the latest information.

Figure 2: PolicyCenter Mortgagee Contact List

  • Agents can access Knowledge Base two ways. Select:
  • The Knowledge Base box on the Agents page of the website; log in with your Citizens Insurance Suite login ID and password
  • The Knowledge Base link in the upper right-hand corner of PolicyCenter; no login is necessary

Once an agent obtains the Address Book ID value from Knowledge Base, complete the following steps on the Search Address Book screen:

  • Enter the first character of the mortgage company name in the Name field. 
  • Enter the value found in Knowledge Base in the Address Book ID field. 
  • Note: The value must include ab: and the number without spaces. Example: ab:4206
  • Select Search to locate the account:

Figure 3: Search Address Book screen

For more details, refer to the following updated job aids, which appear on the Commercial and Personal sections of the Training Web pages:

  • Commercial Lines Job Aid: Adding or Updating a Mortgagee
  • Personal Lines Job Aid: Adding, Updating or Removing the Mortgage or Payor

System Change: Updating the Payor 

  • When an agent adds a first mortgagee as an additional interest to the policy and the Billing Method is Mortgagee Bill, PolicyCenter will change the Payor field automatically to the correct mortgage company.
  • If the current mortgage company listed on a policy does not have the correct ab:xxxx as outlined above, the following message will appear when any type of policy change is initiated:

The Billing Method is set to Mortgagee Bill on the “Payment” screen, but the 1st mortgagee is not associated with a list bill account. Remove the existing 1st mortgagee and select the correct 1st mortgagee from the address book that is associated with a list bill account. If a list bill account does not exist, send Citizens a “Request to Open a New List Bill Account BC” activity.

If this message is returned, an agent will need to do one of the following: 

  • Remove the existing first mortgage company on the Additional Interests tab, and select Add > From Address Book to add the correct mortgage company, using the process described above with the correct ab:xxxx.
  • If the mortgage company is not listed in the system, submit a Request to Open a New List Bill Account BC activity. For verification purposes, upload letterhead from the mortgage company with the correct mortgagee clause. Once Citizens has added the mortgage company in the system, an activity notification will be sent to the agent, and the agent can add the correct mortgage company from the address book to the policy.

Agent Bulletins are provided for historical purposes only and have not been updated to include any changes that may have been made after publication. Agents can find the latest information by reviewing the applicable underwriting manuals and by logging in, then selecting Search → Search Frequently Asked Questions