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New-Business Payment Plans and Down Payments

marzo 17, 2015 - IE #011-15

Citizens is receiving payments that are less than the required down payment for new-business policies on payment plans. Citizens must receive the complete down payment for a new-business policy on a payment plan. 

To confirm the down payment amount, refer to the installment plan schedule on the Payment screen of the issuance transaction in PolicyCenter®. The Down Payment column will display the minimum amount that must be submitted for each payment plan.

Figure 1: Payment screen

Note: For personal lines only, all applicable fields on the Payment tab must be completed before selecting Request Approval. No changes can be made after selecting Request Approval.

Down payment and installment amounts for payment plans should be retrieved from PolicyCenter to ensure the correct amount is remitted. 

In the event the calculation must be completed manually:

  • All amounts are rounded to the nearest whole dollar.
  • The Emergency Management Preparedness & Assistance Trust Fund fee is removed from the premium amount when calculating installments. The fee is added back to the down payment after the installments have been calculated.
  • Refer to the Knowledge Base Answer ID 2447 for details about calculating down payments and installment amounts manually. Access Knowledge Base by selecting its box on the Agents page of the website or its link in the upper right-hand corner of PolicyCenter.

For additional details, refer to the Commercial and Personal job aids:

  • Commercial Lines: Billing Information in PolicyCenter – Agents 
  • Personal Lines: Billing Information in PolicyCenter – Agents 

To change a payment plan you must submit a New Activity to BillingCenter, as described in IE #002-15. For additional details, refer to the following Commercial and Personal job aids:

  • Commercial Lines: Requesting Payment Plan Change
  • Personal Lines: Changing a Payment Plan


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