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enero 08, 2015 - IE #001-15

The launch of PolicyCenter® for personal lines policies has resulted in changes to some of Citizens’ processes, as described below. 

Requesting Approval for Policy Changes and Cancellations

Currently, any agent in an agency can service and start a policy change or cancellation, but only the user logged in as the agent of record can click Request Approval to submit the request to Underwriting. Citizens is working to correct this issue so that any agent within an agency can request approval. 

Disabling Agent-Approved Endorsements in ePAS

Citizens has disabled agent-approved endorsements (such as adding an additional interest or changing the bill-to information) in ePAS for all renewals that have migrated to PolicyCenter. To make a policy change on a renewal that has migrated to PolicyCenter, an agent must submit the endorsement through ePAS using the Document Transfer option in the scrolling menu bar. Underwriters will process the change in both ePAS and PolicyCenter, if applicable.

Acceptable Document Types for Uploads

PolicyCenter accepts 23 file types for uploading documents; however, Outlook® files (i.e., files with the .msg suffix) are unacceptable. For a complete list of acceptable document types, log into Knowledge Base, Citizens’ online search tool, and see Answer ID 2336. 

Requesting Reinstatements in PolicyCenter

Use the correct activity when requesting a policy reinstatement, based on the line of business, as outlined and shown below:

To request:


A reinstatement for personal lines

PL Only: Request for Reinstatement activity

Note: Do not use the CL Only: Review and Approve Reinstatement activity, which is used only for commercial lines.

A reinstatement for commercial lines

Cl Only: Review and Approve Reinstatement activity

Note: Do not use the PL Only: Request for Reinstatement activity, which is used only for personal lines


Figure 1: Reinstatement activities for personal and commercial lines

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