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Mandatory Electronic Document Submission and Upcoming Training

de gener 03, 2013 - IE #001-13

As announced previously, Citizens will be requiring mandatory upload through the Electronic Document Submission (EDS) system for all ePAS policy submissions, including all new-business applications and the associated required documents as well as policy changes, cancellations and other similar requests.

This change will be effective for all personal lines submissions January 24, 2013, and later. In support of this change Citizens is enhancing the EDS system to provide a more efficient new-business submission process to validate that all required documentation is received before the application is referred for underwriting review. This will reduce unnecessary follow-ups and administrative costs and will shorten overall processing time.

EDS enhancements include:

  • A document upload ”staging” area for awaiting documents 
  • An individual folder per document for easy identification 
  • An Upload/View Documents link to view documents already uploaded 
  • A document upload summary report 
  • A Refresh button

Note: A future release will increase document upload limit from five to seven.

Training Opportunities

Training sessions to familiarize you with this process and the associated system enhancements are scheduled for January 16-18, 2013 for the following topics:

  • Personal Lines Document Submission: Just the Highlights
  • Personal Lines Document Submission: A Technical Walk-Through of the Upload Process

Citizens also will have updated online tutorials, printable training materials and printable reference sheets on our website.

ePAS Changes

Citizens also is making important changes to ePAS to fulfill this requirement.

  • New-business requirements: 
    Once an application has been entered in ePAS, take the following steps from the Premium Results screen:
  1. Select Bind Coverage (for risks eligible for binding) or Initiate UW Review (for risks that must be submitted unbound):
  • ePAS provides a list of required documents specific to the policy.
  1. Print the bound application for policyholder’s signature.
  2. Upload required documents via EDS:
  • Upload each document based on the list of documents displayed on the screen for the specific application (e.g., Application signed by the agent and insured).

Note: Citizens has increased the maximum limit for uploaded file size to 10MB.

  1. Once all documents have been uploaded, select the Submit button to move the application to underwriting review or allow auto-approval, if qualified.

Note: Additional steps will apply for unbound applications.

Submissions Search updates:

  • A new feature is being added to the Submissions Search screen to find and display bound or unbound applications that have not been sent to Underwriting:
  • The New Business Submissions – Not Sent to Underwriting search option soon will be available:
  • A Sent to Underwriting column displays in the Search Results with a YES or NO indicator.
  • The following reminder will display above the results: All Required Documents must be uploaded before an application is sent to Underwriting.

Other Important Notes

  • The application will become available for underwriting review only once all required documents are uploaded. 
  • Policies rewritten using the Copy/Rewrite function on or after January 24, 2013, are subject to this submission process.
  • Please ensure that all submitted documents are current and accurate for each new-application submission. Underwriting does not transfer documents from a previous policy to a new application.
  • Citizens’ fax numbers no longer will be available for submitting required documents.


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