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Coastal Territory Overrides
(Posted 9/28/2015) For new business effective on or after December 1, 2015, if an agent overrides the Coastal Territory value on the Property Address Info screen after the address information has been retrieved from PolicyCenter®, the new-business submission must be submitted unbound. For more information, see IE #024-15 .

PolicyCenter Issue Identification
(Posted 9/24/2015) As an ongoing process improvement, Knowledge Base Answer ID 2414 has been created to list major PolicyCenter issues affecting agents. To search for this Answer ID, log in to Knowledge Base and enter 2414 in the Search field. Agents also can access the Knowledge Base link in the upper right-hand corner of PolicyCenter; no login is necessary.

PolicyCenter Refund Issue
(Posted 09/18/2015) Citizens has discovered that some policy changes resulting in a premium decrease are not triggering a refund. This issue is isolated to policies with premiums that have been paid in full and only impacts a small number of policies. Citizens is correcting the issue. If you have questions about a policy refund, contact the Customer Care Center at 888.685.1555. Note: For this and other PolicyCenter® issues, see Knowledge Base for Answer ID 2414.

Personal Residential: Agent of Record Transfer Processing Delays
(Updated 8/24/2015) We are processing Agent of Record Transfer Forms received on 8/5/2015. This information is updated weekly to reduce the need to call Agency Administration for the status of a submitted transfer request.

Change to Underwriting Review Process
(Posted 6/12/2015) With the launch of PolicyCenter, Underwriting staff no longer will review bound personal lines policies until payment has posted to the policy.

Submit Opt-Out Form to the Takeout Company
(Updated 11/26/2014) To opt out of an assumption and remain with Citizens, policyholders must sign the correct Opt Out Form. It must be emailed, faxed or mailed to the takeout company using the contact information on the form. Citizens cannot process these forms.

Note: ePAS and Citizens Insurance Suite are unavailable after 6:00 p.m. every Wednesday and from 12:00 a.m. until noon every Sunday for routine maintenance.