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Agent Appointment System

Overview of Agent Appointment Process

Welcome to CITIZENS PROPERTY INSURANCE CORPORATIONís (CITIZENS) Agent Appointment System (AAS). You must use this system to apply on-line for an appointment to write Citizens' insurance. AAS is an on-line application designed to determine whether agents employed by your Agency meet the agent appointment requirements prescribed by law and adopted by the Board of Governors of CITIZENS. Only an Agency Principal may complete the Application Process on behalf of the Agency and all agents within the Agency seeking a CITIZENS appointment.

Each agent must meet the requirements for appointment. The application process relies on information provided to us by the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS), including:

  1. Whether an agent has an active 0220 or 2044 Florida Resident Agent's License or an active 0920 or 9044 Non-Resident Agent's License which is in good standing with the DFS; and
  2. Whether an agent, at the time of appointment by CITIZENS, has an appointment with at least one insurer which is authorized to write and is actually writing new personal residential, commercial residential or commercial nonresidential property coverage within the State of Florida. The Eligible Company Matrix lists companies who have reported to the DFS that they are currently writing new business.

If an agent does not meet each of these requirements, the electronic system will generate an error message that will prevent processing of the application. Call the DFS at 850-413-3137, extension 1101. Please allow time for DFS to correct their records and electronically relay this corrected information to CITIZENS. Once the error is reconciled, the application may be resubmitted through the electronic agent appointment process.

In addition, CITIZENS will verify, based on the application information you provide:

  1. Whether an agent has previously been suspended or terminated for cause by the former FRPCJUA or CITIZENS.
  2. Whether an agent has successfully passed CITIZENS Agent Certification for the requested lines of business or has attended the Classroom training on Agent Certification conducted by CITIZENS within the last two years.

If an agent does not meet each of these requirements, the electronic system will generate an error message that will prevent processing of the application. Call CITIZENS at 1-800-737-5822.

Collection of Social Security Numbers:

Citizensí collection of Social Security Numbers (and Tax Identification numbers, in the event you use a Social Security Number for a Tax Identification number) for each of the purposes set forth below is imperative for the performance of Citizensí duties and responsibilities as prescribed by section 627.351(6), Florida Statutes, and is authorized by section 119.071(5), Florida Statutes. Provision of a Social Security Number is required to process your application to become a Citizens agent.

Citizens collects Social Security Numbers from agents or agency principals for the following purposes:

  1. Processing eligibility for appointment with Citizens
  2. Verifying agent standing with the Florida Department of Financial Services
  3. Verifying agent identity when logging in to Agent Certification for completion of the training required for appointment/renewal.

AGENCY REGISTRATION / LICENSING: All insurance agencies and each of their locations must be licensed or registered with DFS. If you have not registered, click here to begin the DFS process.

To continue the Application Process, you will need the following information:

  1. Agent's DFS License Number.
  2. Errors & Omissions insurance policy information evidencing limits of at least $1,000,000 / $1,000,000 covering all agents appointed.
  3. A major credit card for the $125 appointment fee payable for each agent appointed.
  4. Agency Registration / Licensing number assigned by the DFS for each location.

Future changes to the Agency profile must be requested by the Agency Principal (AP) via email or written form. The request must include the full name of the agency and the Agency Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN#).

If the request involves an agent, the AP must provide the full name of the agent, the DFS# and SS#. If the request is to make changes or corrections to the agency profile, the email should provide full details. The APís name and title must be at the end of the request.

Please note future changes to agency or agent information entered in your initial and supplemental applications can not be updated in AAS. Example, if the agency address changes or an agent leaves the agency, the application is not updated. However, the agency and agent information is updated in Citizens policy information systems (ePAS, eWIND, etc.).