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Invoice and Declarations Package Redesign and Payment Plan Update

November 22, 2016

Citizens has redesigned billing invoices and new-policyholder declarations packages to improve our level of customer service.


Billing Invoices and Notices

Several changes have been made to the billing invoices and notices:

  • The property address associated with the policy is included.
  • The accounting prefix (i.e., PLA) no longer displays with the policy number.
  • All payment plan options display on the front of the renewal invoice in a new format:

Figure 1: Payment Plans At-a-Glance (Sample)

  • Applicable online and phone payment terms are on the back of the invoices, as well as remittance addresses for standard U.S. Mail and overnight mail.

To view samples of the new invoices and notices, log in to the Agents site, select Search Frequently Asked Questions at the top of any page, enter 3378 in the search box and select Search.


Payment Plan Update

Previously, policyholder-billed renewal policies defaulted to a quarterly payment plan, and, if needed, agents would have to submit a Request To Change A Payplan BC activity in PolicyCenter® to change the payment plan.

Policies renewing on or after September 16, 2016, now retain the payment plan from the prior policy term.


Declarations Packages

New-policyholder declarations packages have been revised to include new and updated documents, including:

  • Quick Start Guide, which includes:
    • Information about the new ID card
    • The importance of reviewing policy documents
    • The importance of correct contact information, including mobile phone number in case of an emergency
    • The importance of reviewing the Duties After Loss section
    • Manage myPolicy information
    • Social media outlets for Citizens
  • Revised Citizens welcome letter, which includes information about:
    • Manage myPolicy registration
    • Citizens’ Call Citizens First initiative
    • Depopulation choices and the Property Insurance Clearinghouse
    • Social media outlets for Citizens
  • Assignment of Benefits (AOB) brochure, which encourages policyholders to Call Citizens First in the event of a loss. The brochure also is available in the Learning section of the Public site under Brochures.

Agent Bulletins are provided for historical purposes only and have not been updated to include any changes that may have been made after publication. Agents can find the latest information by reviewing the applicable underwriting manuals and by logging in, then selecting Search → Search Frequently Asked Questions