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Mandatory Electronic Document Submission Helpful Tips

March 15, 2013 - IE #006-13

As announced in IE #003-13: Personal Lines: Mandatory Electronic Document Submission Is Now Live, effective January 24, 2013, agents must upload all personal lines ePAS policy submissions using Electronic Document Submission (EDS). As a result of the successful implementation of this enhancement and the questions we received during our training sessions, we developed some tips and best practices to make this transition easier and more efficient.


Many of the topics that are addressed below can be found in more detail on the What’s New? section of the Agents site:

  • Personal Lines Document Submission Process Quick Reference
  • Personal Lines Document Submission Training Printable Version
  • Personal Lines Document Submission Process Tutorial

Helpful Tips



Best Practice

Uploading Documents

Upload Documents to Easily Locate

Select, assign and upload files to the appropriate document type so that the files are easy to find when you search for them in the View Documents tab. For example, do not upload photos to the Completed application signed and dated by the agent and insured box.

Do not combine multiple required documents as one file. Each required document should be saved and uploaded as an individual file.

Using the Submit Button

  • Before selecting the Submit button, be sure that each individual document is correctly identified and labeled using the specific document type. 
  • Once all documents are identified and labeled properly, be sure to select the Submit button to transmit the policy to Underwriting and avoid cancellation of the policy.
  • The Submit button is available only after all documents in the Required Documents section are uploaded.
  • You can upload other documents with the required documents (for example, Documents Required for Credits, Surcharges or Optional Coverages or Other Documents).
  • Do not click the Submit button if you have additional documents to upload (including those that are not in the Required Documents section) until you have all documents that needed to be sent with the application. In other words, click the Submit button only when you are ready to send the application to Underwriting. Once the Submit button is selected, you cannot select it again.
  • EDS will allow the upload of additional documents after the Submit button has been selected, but the opportunity to click the Submit button will not be available once the application has been sent to underwriting.
  • You can upload up to five files per upload session. Repeat the upload process until you have uploaded all the files.


  • EDS limits photo uploads to one file per upload session. You can upload additional required photos in subsequent upload sessions. It might be more efficient to copy multiple photos into one file and upload that one file.
  • Remember to check your file sizes (see next section for details) to avoid EDS’ 10MB limit.

File Size Requirement

  • Check your file sizes in advance. The combined file size for each upload session cannot exceed 10MB:
  1. Locate the folder on your computer that contains your documents.
  2. Select the Details option from within the Views drop-down menu.
  3. The file size displays in the Size column.

Document is Encrypted or Password-Protected

An error message may appear if the file is corrupt or password-protected. You’ll need to upload uncorrupted files that are not password-protected.

Naming Convention

  • You are urged to use the following naming convention for files being uploaded:

Document Name_Last_First Name_FRJXXXXXXX

  • Do not use extra periods/decimals in the filename. A period should appear only before the file type such as docx, pdf, etc.:

Document Name_Last_First Name_FRJXXXXXXXX.docx

Special Characters in the Insured Name in ePAS

A message appears to explain that uploads will fail if there are special characters, such as

 \ / : * ? < > | ,

in the first- or last-name fields in ePAS. Check the applicant first and last name on the Applicant tab in ePAS. If any of the above characters are present, delete these characters in ePAS to prevent this upload error.

Green Check Marks Already Visible Before Documents Are Uploaded

  • A number of applications and policies entered in ePAS prior to January 24 incorrectly indicated that the associated required documents were uploaded into EDS:
  • Required documents still must be submitted to complete the submission process.
  • Click the Upload/View Documents link in the ePAS scrolling menu to open the Required Documents Upload and Submission screen.
  • Select up to five files with a total file size that does not exceed 10MB, and select Upload.
  • Find the required documents on your computer, and select Submit.

A confirmation message will display.

Processing, Please Wait message

If you get a Processing, Please Wait message when submitting your documents, please adjust your Internet Explorer® (IE) settings as follows:
  1. Within Internet Explorer, go to:
    Tools > Internet Options > Security > Internet.
  2. Click on Custom Level…

Figure 1. Internet Options screen

  1. Verify the following are selected as enabled: 

  • Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins
  • Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting*

Figure 2. Security Settings - Internet Zone screen

  1. After verifying, click OK (if necessary).
  2. Click Yes to confirm your changes (if necessary).

Figure 3. Warning! screen

  1. Return to the Internet Options dialog box, and select Local intranet.

Figure 4. Internet Options screen

  1. Click on Custom Level…
  2. Verify the following are selected as enabled:
  • Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins
  • Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting*

Figure 5. Security Settings - Local Intranet screen

  1. After making above changes, click OK.

Figure 6. Warning! screen

  1. Click Yes to confirm your changes (if necessary).
  2. Close IE, and open a new IE window.
  3. Submit the documents again.

Document Type Selection

Each required document must be loaded to the correct document type.


Transfer of Documents

  • Citizens staff cannot transfer files between document types in EDS. You are responsible for obtaining and retaining documents for each submission.
  • You can upload documents provided by your client as long as the documents meet Citizens’ requirements.

Late Submission Violations

  • Upload the new-business application and all required documents no later than five business days after the risk effective date:
  • Incomplete uploads for bound or unbound applications will result in a Late Submission Violation Notice email after five business days from the policy’s effective date.
  • Citizens also will cancel incomplete applications, bound or unbound after five business days from the policy’s effective date.

Note: Repeated violations may be referred to the Agent Compliance Department for disciplinary action.

Future Closings

  • You can submit a copy of the following documents in lieu of a settlement statement or warranty deed:
  • Signed purchase agreement
  • Signed good faith estimate


  • Uploads for endorsement processing did not change. 
  • As a reminder, once the policy has issued in ePAS, use the Document Transfer icon in the scrolling menu:
  • The Transfer Documents tab appears in EDS with a drop-down selection of document types. Examples are:
  • Cancellation
  • Endorsement
  • Missing Information
  • Premium Finance Agreement
  • Reinstatement
  • Upload the document in the appropriate category.

Premium Payments

  • Citizens will rescind binders and cancel the policy if the initial premium is not received 21 days after the effective date (45 days for mortgagee-billed risks).
  • Once all the required documents are uploaded, a policy eligible for auto-approval will issue once the premium payment is posted.



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